Rebecca Osborne

Rebecca Osborne’s primary role at Consolidated Risk Solutions is to manage the growth and development of the CR-Insight software as well as ensure the security of the information tracked within our system.

Rebecca Osborne manages code development, works with clients to flush out ideas to enhance CR-Insight, designs the visible flow of system navigation, ensures proper system testing and manages the moves of newly developed features to live software. She is also responsible managing server maintenance and organization, including ensuring information security through automated and manual system backups of the code and databases.

Prior to joining Consolidated Risk Solutions, Rebecca worked as a Project Manager for Assure-Tech, LLC, a software development company specializing in web based applications. In her role as Project Manager, Rebecca was responsible for handling client requested development from initial request to completion, including mock-ups, testing, client signoffs and moving the new features to live websites.

Rebecca has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Radford University and a Master’s Degree in Internet Technology from the University of Georgia.

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