[Video] Oh No! CR Solutions, Not Your Wrap Admin?

We are approaching our 20th anniversary of specializing in wrap-up administration! Watch some of our clients “Oh NO!” moments and learn what NOT to expect when you work with us.

Whatever happened to
The wrap admin that I once knew?
The admin that said they’d be true

Typical “Oh No’s!” We Here From Clients:

  • Turnaround Time Is a Week or Longer
  • When A GC Lets a Sub On-Site Without Confirming That They Are Enrolled in the CIP
  • Paper Enrollment Forms or Payroll Forms
  • Follow-Ups Don’t Exist
  • Can’t Reach Admin Via Phone
  • Stuck Enrolling Using a Clunky, Outdated System
  • Using a Wrap in a Box and They’ll Never Speak to a Human
  • No Access to Wrap-Up Reports
  • Don’t Have Access to Their Wrap Up Certificates
  • Frequent Admin Turnover
  • Lack of Specialized Experience
  • Old Wrap-Up Admin Software Platform
  • Using Your Broker to Admin Your Wrap-Up
  • When Your Administrator Asks You for A Copy of The Procedures Manual That They Put Together.
  • When Your Administrator Tells You to Wait Until Midnight to Run an Urgent Enrollment Report
  • When You’re Introduced to the 3rd New Administrator in the 1st Month Because There Is So Much Turnover.
  • When your administrator tells you they don’t feel comfortable negotiating insurance credits with the largest prime because they also handle their insurance.

We take the time to get to know our clients  – we anticipate their needs and provide answers prior to questions being asked. It’s because of this dedication that we are able to boast 100% client retention.

CR Solutions can provide you with a feasibility evaluation for your company and share how you compare to the industry benchmarks we’ve seen out there.  Book your consultation here.