Joshua Rogove

Joshua Rogove is president of Consolidated Risk Solutions (CRS), an independent insurance wrap-up administrator.

Rogove drives a client-first, agile culture at CRS, where he promotes innovative thinking through technical leadership and industry knowledge based on nearly two decades’ experience in the sector.

Previously, as AIG’s New York Regional Manager, Rogove led business development for construction wrap-up programs and contractor practice programs in excess of $300 million in premium. Now at CRS, he advises clients on construction project exposures, and insurance rates related to types of wrap-up programs, including commercial office buildings, tunneling projects, rail projects, universities, hospitals, data centers, and more.

Rogove is passionate about finding new ways to add value to the customer experience. He comes to work every day to make a meaningful difference on behalf of his clients. Most recently, he guided CRS’ Blockchain Initiative, called Wrap-Block®, and API integrations with vetted partners. He led the way on CRS’ SaaS (Software as a Service) product line launch, bringing it from concept to market in just six months.

By monitoring key market trends to identify new product opportunities, he was the driving force behind new client tailored solutions Worldwide Wrap®, Certify®, Carrier Insight®, and CCIP-Guard®. These new offerings have helped CRS expand into new markets and globally. Rogove coordinates each product launch with CRS’ marketing team to develop promotional support, including explicit plans and action, ensuring a successful market introduction.

Passionate about increasing efficiencies through technology, he has improved productivity by identifying and eliminating workflow bottlenecks. Most recently, he improved document management by implementing document automation, tracking, and electronic signatures across the organization. To improve data gathering with fewer errors, he led the charge of launching online forms with automated workflows. He transformed CRS’ sales operations by driving new internal processes for sales automation, forecasting, and pipeline management. These efficiencies allow CRS’ team to devote even more time to client needs rather than internal administrative tasks.

Rogove holds an MBA in finance from St. John’s University, a BBA from the University of Florida, a Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist (CRIS) designation, and is a licensed Property and Casualty broker. He serves on several boards of directors, including the Spencer Reid Foundation.

Joshua Rogove resides with his wife in Staci, his daughters Hayley and Emily, and his son Dylan in Jericho, N.Y.

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