• We have no allegiance to any subcontractors which would potentially cause a conflict of interest when negotiating insurance credits.
  • All of our revenue is dedicated to program services – our revenue does not go towards commissions, salaries of other departments, or any other corporate overhead typical of the service units found within brokerage.
  • You own your data – we’re just tracking, storing and organizing it for you.

Specialization – ALL WE DO IS WRAP-UPS!

You get a dedicated team of people who specialize in servicing wrap-up in your region of the country.

  • Wrap-up specialization by region ensures that the people handling your account know the general contractors and subcontractors in your area, are familiar with the idiosyncrasies of the insurance market in your region, and understand other common insurance and construction issues.

Boutique, Unbundled, Customizable Services

  • We offer the most flexible service packages available beginning with our data center extending to full service administrative capabilities.
  • Due to the flexibility of our software system we can customize reports specifically to meet your needs.


We consider insurance carriers to be our customers as we receive a majority of our referrals through AIG, ACE, Zurich, and Liberty. We have built unique relationships with the insurance markets by customizing our services to meet their operational requirements. In addition, we support their customers to enhance wrap-up administration and performance.

Quality Assurance

We negotiate and verify each and every contractor/subcontractor’s insurance cost calculation by mandating the submission of policy rating and declaration pages for verification. This ensures that our customers maximize the financial benefits when utilizing a wrap-up insurance program.

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