CR Solutions can make the process quite simple. We offer as many services as our clients need. Our participation simply depends upon our clients’ experience with wrap-ups. Rest assured, we can provide any necessary assistance to a project sponsor and answer any questions along the way.

Feasibility Study

  • We will analyze the project budget, expected duration of construction, method for engaging subcontracts, lending requirements, etc. and compare this information to current market conditions in order to approximate the financial feasibility of instituting a wrap-up
  • We will also review other risk management considerations that may effect the appropriateness of the utilization of a wrap-up

Marketing Submission

  • We can provide templates and/or suggested language to include in a submission to the markets
  • We will also provide the payroll/trade breakdown with information collected from CR Insight

Quote Analysis

  • After the quotes are received from the proposing carriers they need to be reviewed to determine which program best fits the needs of the client

Binding the Program

  • Once the appropriate program is chosen the sponsor gives the broker, who in turn gives the carrier, the order to BIND……and the program is now in place.

Now the Wrap-Up Administration begins…

To learn more about the details of project administration once the wrap up is in place, skip ahead to the Implementation step in our Services section.

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