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Leah Stewart’s “Why CRS?”

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My name is Leah Stewart, and I celebrated my 10th anniversary at CR Solutions in January of 2023. In the fall of 2012, I was a soon-to-be graduate of the…

How to Delegate Your Wrap-Up Like A Pro

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CR Solutions is all about perfecting our core competencies and delegating the rest. Internally and externally, we believe that delegation is a vital skill for success. We believe this so…
How to estimate subcontractor start dates

How to Estimate Subcontractor Start Dates

| CCIP, Consolidated Insurance Programs, Enrollment, FAQ, GL-Only Wrap-Up, OCIP, Safety, Subcontractors, Tips, Wrap-Up Administration | No Comments
If you’re new to the world of CIPs (or even a veteran), it’s likely that you have some questions about how this program works. Thankfully, our team is here to…
Why CRS? - Amy Lamb

Amy Lamb’s “Why CRS?”

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My journey at CR Solutions began by leasing an apartment. I spent almost 10 years in property management during my previous career, and I knew I was at the end…