Effortless Compliance Assurance

CR-Certify® takes the stress out of insurance documentation tracking. Our advanced proprietary software uses a combination of OCR technology and hands-on expert review to verify that all certificates, endorsements, and policy documents meet or exceed the required project standards. Say goodbye to all those in-house, manual checks, and hello to practically seamless compliance.

Proactive Renewal Management

Never miss a renewal deadline again! CR-Certify® keeps a vigilant eye on expiration dates and sends renewal requests 10 days in advance. Our automated reminders ensure that your contractors and vendors are always up-to-date on their coverage, minimizing risks and disruptions.

Instant Insights & Reports

With CR-Certify®, you stay informed, empowered, and in control. CR-Certify® provides clients access to the latest data and reports via our user-friendly online portal. You’ll have instant access to up-to-date compliance status and comprehensive reports for any project. Now, you can make informed decisions and keep stakeholders in the loop effortlessly.


Streamlining Insurance Documentation Tracking

Are you tired of the hassle and uncertainty that comes with managing insurance documentation for contractors and subcontractors? Look no further than CR-Certify®, the cutting-edge solution from CR Solutions that simplifies insurance tracking and helps ensure compliance with ease.

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Streamline Insurance Tracking with CR-Certify®

At CR Solutions, we understand the challenges you face when it comes to tracking insurance documentation. That’s why we’ve developed CR-Certify®, our proprietary software designed to revolutionize the way you handle insurance certificates, policy endorsements, and exclusions. See how we stack up against our competitors.

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Experience CR-Certify® Today

Ready to transform the way you manage insurance documentation? Schedule a quick and insightful demo of CR-Certify® today! Our experts will get some basic information about your needs and be ready to guide you through the software and answer any questions you might have.

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With CR-Certify®, you can:

Streamline Documentation Collection
Let our proprietary software chase those pesky insurance documents down for you! Automate the collection of certificates of insurance, policy endorsements, and specific exclusions based on the need of each of your projects. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to efficient documentation management.

Access Real-Time Compliance Data
Stay informed with our intuitive online portal. Anyone on your team can be given access to view immediate insights into compliance statuses, reports, and documentation status, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Effortlessly Verify Compliance
Through a combination of OCR technology an din house insurance experts, our proprietary software is the hub of all your insurance documents. CR-Certify® tracks, reports, and requests all insurance documents meet or exceed minimum requirements. Rest easy knowing that your contractors are in compliance, reducing risks and liabilities.

Take Swift Corrective Action
Non-compliance? No problem. CR-Certify® equips you with the tools to take corrective action promptly, thanks to our tested automated outreach system within CR-Certify®. The most effective language has been tried and proven to get the attention of your insurance contacts to avoid spam and overcrowded inboxes.

Automate Renewal Requests
Never worry about missed renewals again. CR-Certify® sends renewal requests to contractors and subcontractors 10 days before expiration, ensuring seamless continuity of coverage. No more tracking expiration dates in an excel sheet…

Enhance Communication Efficiency
Keep everyone on the same page effortlessly. Our responsive communication system ensures timely updates, notifications, and correspondence with subcontractors and brokers.

Find Out More About the Benefits of CR-Certify®

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