A General Liability GL-Only wrap-up offers project specific general liability coverage and a single policy for all insureds. It is sponsored by the owner or contractor and covers all eligible contractors.


The administration of a GL-Only wrap-up is similar to a full wrap-up with lower administrative costs, meetings are usually over the phone, there is no payroll tracking and reporting is lighter.

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  • Coverage – General Liability
  • Locations – Rolling, Multiple Project Sites, Single Site or Maintenance
  • Sponsor – Owner (OCIP) or Contractor (CCIP)

A GL-Only wrap-up provides general liability coverage to contractors working on a project site with one or more excess policies providing higher limits over the primary coverages. GL-Only wraps became fashionable during the residential boom to provide protection against the residential exclusions found on many contractors’ liability policies and to help defend participants against class action suits. Today, GL-Only wrap-up programs are a popular choice for many types of commercial construction.

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GL-Only OCIP vs Traditional Insurance

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