Check to see if your project meets the criteria in our When is a Wrap-Up a Good Idea? section. While the core activity within our office is the administration of Controlled Insurance Programs (aka CIPs or wrap-ups), the work often begins before the actual wrap-up administration reaches these walls. The Administration Service Teams resides in our Central Service Center in Atlanta, GA under the direction of our COO, Jennifer Phillippi. This office is composed of personnel (Account Managers, Account Associates, and Technology support), who manage wrap-up programs 100 percent of the time. They provide the necessary experience and dedication needed to make these programs successful. Considering a wrap-up? To get pricing click here to request a call, someone will contact you.


A successful wrap-up begins with sponsor support, effective implementation, cooperation and good communication between all parties involved. To ensure a successful program CR Solutions begins by working with you to define expectations and responsibilities.

  • In-Person Kick-Off Early in Construction Process
  • Eases Administrative Burden
  • Handles all Paperwork for Owner
  • Contractor Enrollment
  • Policy/Certificate Issuance
  • Customized Documents and Manuals
  • Insurance Credit Calculation and Verification
  • Certificate Requests, Tracking and Management
  • Payroll Tracking

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  • Program Performance Reporting
  • Contractor and Project Close-Outs
  • Cost Tracking and Allocation Between Projects
  • Feasibility Study/Pro-Forma Development
  • RMIS Services
  • Data Security
  • GateKeeper App (site entry point security)
  • Meetings and Site Visits


A General Liability GL-Only wrap-up offers project specific general liability coverage and a single policy for all insureds. It is sponsored by the owner or contractor and covers all eligible contractors.


The administration of a GL-Only wrap-up is similar to a full wrap-up with lower administrative costs, meetings are usually over the phone, there is no payroll tracking and reporting is lighter.

  • Owner is a Named Insured
  • Owner controls purchase and coverage terms, including carrier selection
  • Program provides Completed Operations for Statute of Repose or 10 Years, whichever is less
  • Carrier rights to cancel mid-term are extremely limited
  • Fixed Insurance Rates for Term of Program
  • Allows Owner to implement on smaller projects, especially when the GC cannot provide project specific coverage or meet lender requirements
  • Minimizes need to track GL & Excess Liability certificates for on-site exposures
  • One insurer pays all claims
  • Owner controls claims process
  • Cost savings go to Owner
  • Avoidance of GC Overhead & Profit loadings
  • Contractors paid net of insurance
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Our top-tier, proprietary technology boosts efficiency and contains costs. Since 2002, we’ve developed custom software to simplify the wrap-up process. We offer these industry-leading resources to administrators, brokers, wrap-up clients, carriers, and contractors: CR-Insight®, Contractor Toolbox®, Carrier-Insight®, GateKeeper® App and WrapSheet®. Interested in our software? Click here to take a demo. 


At the core of our technology is CR-Insight®, a wrap-up management software that provides controlled insurance program administrators a flexible, comprehensive tool to manage their projects – at any level of detail.

Your Wrap-Up Guide

Guides you through administrating wrap-ups from tailoring the project specific requirements to managing the life of each individual contract.


Detailed insurance calculation and audit trail shows the evolution of the value from estimate to final taken credit.

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CR-Insight® will chase down enrollment forms, payroll, offsite certificates, and even rating pages for you. Automates processes wherever possible, alleviating repetitive tasks allowing for high level administration. Features hierarchy with color coded icons that display how a whole project is doing down to the contract level.


Equipped with a library of 25 reports to choose from.

With CR-Insight®

You’ve got an eye on all the action in your project.

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CR-Certify Insurance Tracking


Let CR Solutions handle tracking insurance documentation for you.  CR Solutions will request a certificate of insurance evidencing coverage from each contractor and subcontractor as required by contract. Using our proprietary software, CR-Certify®,  CR Solutions will verify that all insurance documents meet or exceed the minimum required.  You will have access to all collected certificates via the client WrapSheet® and online certificate library.

All certificates, endorsements, and policy documents will be entered into a master contractor database where it will be monitored for expiration on a monthly basis. CR Solutions will request renewal documents 10 days prior to expiration. This consists of both email requests and a phone call directly to the contractor for their renewed insurance documents.


  • Collect, review, verify and track:
    • Certificates of Insurance
    • Policy Endorsements
    • Specific Exclusions
    • Take corrective action on non-compliance with our industry specific innovative software

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  • Notify subcontractors and brokers of upcoming renewals
  • Visibility into subcontractors compliance status through our online portal
  • Access to real-time status and reporting
  • Timely and responsive communication

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