• The project (or combination of projects) exceeds $100,000,000, excluding soft costs such as land acquisition, design and engineer costs
  • Either the Owner or General Contractor is willing to act as a “Sponsor” and, depending on the level of risk involved, increase savings potential while gaining greater control over construction related risks
  • There is a need to ensure adequate coverage for all contractors of every tier by controlling the type, amount, and quality of insurance coverage protecting the site
  • A desire exists to level the playing field allowing small, minority, and women owned businesses to more effectively bid on available contracts.
  • One consistent Safety Program is necessary for the entire project
  • Traditional insurance leaves room for coverage gaps and under-insured losses
  • There is a wish to calm the chaos by having one insurance company managing the entire site, rather than one insurer per subcontractor
  • The project itself is high profile or being constructed in a high profile location.

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