Subcontractor Offsite Certificate Compliance

After receiving the initial offsite certificates of insurance during the enrollment process, CR Solutions continues to ensure that a compliant certificate is on hand meeting the requirements of the project. This includes tracking:

  • Individual policy expiration dates
  • Additional Insured Language
  • Waivers of Subrogation
  • Primary Language
  • Etc – any other requirements set forth in the contract

Payroll Compliance

All enrolled subcontractors are required to report their on-site payroll on a monthly basis allowing for accurate actual insurance credits to be calculated for individual contracts and for timely reporting to carrier auditors.

  • CR Solutions not only collects but also monitors this payroll for accuracy by tracking down payroll that has not been reported, identifying payroll types not indicated in the contractor’s original estimate and noting if reported payroll begins to exceed the payroll originally estimated.
  • Our expansive geographical reach also provides us with experience in handling regional idiosyncrasies such as tracking both Unlimited and Limited payroll (aka called Capped and Uncapped) for states such as New York.

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