Check to see if your project meets the criteria in our When is a Wrap-Up a Good Idea? section. While the core activity within our office is the administration of Controlled Insurance Programs (aka CIPs or wrap-ups), the work often begins before the actual wrap-up administration reaches these walls. The following steps to getting started are items for which we often provide assistance.


To further customize information to a potential client’s needs, CR Solutions conducts a feasibility study using project specific information, including the project type and location to create a pro-forma (a project financial estimate broken down by work trades) and determine if a wrap up is potentially beneficial to the project participants.

CR Solutions explores potential advantages, answers questions, and forecasts cost savings.

  • CR Solutions can assist the broker in creating a marketing submission, a document used to “shop” carriers by providing them with appropriate information to acquire a coverage proposal.
  • As carriers reply with coverage proposals, CR Solutions aids the broker in the proposal review to make a purchase recommendation.


CR Solutions works with a broker to collaborate on client presentations allowing the broker to handle insurance and coverage information and CRS to acquaint the client with controlled insurance programs. These presentations can start by educating the client on Controlled Insurance Programs, by launching directly into our administrative services, or by fielding wrap up questions from the potential wrap-up sponsor – all depending upon the participating parties’ wrap knowledge and history, as well as, the level of involvement desired by the broker.


If a Wrap-Up does prove to be a beneficial option, the appropriate insurance carrier and coverages must be selected.

One of the most important factors in making this program a success has been CRS’ ability to communicate. Not only do they keep the jobsite informed of the status of the wrap-up, they also maintain open communications with every subcontractor, assisting them through out the entire administrative process.

CFOGeneral Contractor

Switching from a traditional insurance program to the high deductible world of CCIP programs was very confusing to us. CR Solutions was very responsive to our constant requests for information. Their numbers were accurate and they provided information very quickly in whatever format we requested. They spent a lot of time on our jobsite making sure that our project managers understood the process and were following procedures. They were proactive in providing us information which required our intervention.

Project OwnerCEO

Consolidated Risk Solutions provided real time data via the internet. We could view subcontractor enrollments, deductions and monthly reports. This greatly increased our ability to predict the final outcome of the CCIP.

Director of Risk ManagementGeneral Contractor