Prior to enrolling the first contractor, final decisions are made on contract award procedures, program documents are developed, kick off meetings are held, and the project’s reporting website is prepared.

A set of Program Documents are prepared for the new wrap up that span the life of the project. The most notable of these documents being the Procedures Manual, aka the official guide to your wrap up. Answering questions for the sponsor, general contractor and individual subcontractors, this manual covers everything from general questions, such as “what is a wrap up”, to program specific questions such as “who do I contact if there is an accident”.

A pair of kick-off meetings ensures that everyone is stepping off on the right foot.

  • Carrier Meeting, Led by the insurance carrier, this meeting allows for a review of the carrier role in managing the program. They will discuss loss control, claims handling, auditing and other administrative procedures.
  • Administration/Procedural Meeting, A gathering of the sponsor, the general contractor, and the broker as well as CR Solutions, this meeting reviews exactly what CR Solutions will do for the project as well as reviews each participants’ role in program.
  • A client reporting site is set up allowing 24/7 access to real time data on the controlled insurance program. This allows the sponsor to watch as the enrollments are completed, track insurance credits and claims and see how much actual payroll is being accrued.

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