CRS Provides Sandy Relief

CRS provided support to Sandy victims through monetary contributions and wrap-up administration.

Through our Wrap-up Administration

On October 29th, Hurricane Sandy made its way up the eastern seaboard and made landfall in Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut which damaged thousands of homes and businesses.  CRS has numerous projects in the Mid-Atlantic Region, so we had several contractors affected by the storm from having direct damage to their business or having their electricity shut down for weeks due to tree and storm damage.  With contractors having difficulty providing enrollments, certificate renewals, and monthly payroll reporting, we were able to work with them in this difficult time to make their lives easier.  We were able to take monthly payroll totals over the phone and give a longer grace period for contactors enrollment information until their businesses were fully operational and running.  We hope that everyone makes a full recovery as fast as possible and we were happy to provide any assistance we could.

Through City Harvest

All CRS employees donated to City Harvest and CRS matched all employee donations.

“City Harvest is New York City’s first and only food rescue organization; we connect those with more than they can use with those who don’t have enough. Over 1.5 million people in New York City live in poverty. Thanks to support from people like yourself, our 18 trucks and 3 cargo bikes are on the road, day and night ensuring that healthy, nutritious food does not go to waste while so many of our fellow New Yorkers are hungry and in need.City Harvest will rescue and deliver more than 42 million pounds of food this year – that’s some 115,000 pounds each day. Together we’re helping feed the more than one million New Yorkers that face hunger each year. Our ability to help feed New York’s hungry is because of the generosity of our supporters.  Thank you for your commitment to fighting hunger in our city.” For more information on City Harvest, check out their website: