[Industry Notice] Problematic Wrap-up Exclusion Language

In one of our recent reviews of wrap-up exclusions on a subcontractor’s policy, we came across this language, and it’s very limiting – for both enrolled and excluded contractors.

Take a look – you’ll notice the highlighted section states their GL coverage does not apply for work related to the project, at or away from the project site.

Problematic Wrap-Up Exclusion

This is not acceptable because the wrap-up only applies to on-site operations for enrolled subs. There is a gap in coverage if the sub is enrolled and has offsite operations related to the project. If the sub is excluded and has this endorsement on their policy, any work they do (on or off the project site) would not be covered. That’s an issue.

Key takeaway: Make sure you read the language on your subcontractor’s wrap-up exclusion. Look out for this endorsement or wording, and request that it be removed or replaced with more acceptable language.

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