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Often enrolling a contract on a project requires the submission of some supporting documentation, such as Rating and Declaration Pages or Endorsements. Online enrollment requests the documents, but in the interest of expediency, allows the contractor to submit the forms without the supporting documentation. When that happens, you have the option of turning on the Enrollment Document Follow-Up feature to request those outstanding documents.

What documents does this email look for?

This will vary by project. But the short answer is: Rating & Dec pages and/or Custom Documents. Check out the set up on the AutoRoboto page. Here you can see the setup of Rating and Dec Pages page types and Custom Documents. Documents which are set up as required, and are still missing, will be requested in this email.

CR-Insight® Email


Note: This automated email does not request No Known Loss Letters or Offsite Certificates of Insurance. NKLL is too urgent to be handled by an email. Certificates are handled in another process.

Previous If the contractor uploads the custom document, is there anything else you need to do to make sure its marked as received?
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