NY WC Board Amends Compliance Standard For Timely Enrollments

CR Solutions, Time is MoneyIn our November issue, we outlined a new fee schedule for untimely filings of Proof of Coverage (POC) transactions. Recently, there have been some changes to these guidelines. According to a January 12, 2010 press release, the NY State Workers Compensation Board has decreased the 2010 performance standard to 85 percent, down 5 percent from last October. Some delays in POC transactions are unavoidable. With that said, your compliance with the new standard will be rewarded. The Board will not penalize carriers with an excellent POC timeliness record for occasional delays. Carriers that follow the new standard in any quarter in 2010 will have their POC penalties waived for that specific quarter. The Board has added a new feature called the “WC Policy Report” to help carriers track their individual compliance standard.  With this new feature in place, tracking reporting deadlines has never been so simple. Remember, as a wrap-up participant, it is crucial to the performance of the program that you continue to submit timely enrollments and renewals. Not only will your compliance help prevent delays on the project site but also save you the hassle of paying an additional fine down the road.