Operation Overhaul

Steven Goldstein’s Blueprint for Financial Integration

In the latest episode of Inside Insight, we had the pleasure of speaking with Steven Goldstein, the Chief Financial Officer of Cauldwell Wingate. Steven brings over 30 years of experience in both public accounting and private sector roles, offering a wealth of knowledge on how to successfully integrate finance with operations in the construction industry. This episode, titled “Operational Overhaul: Steven Goldstein’s Blueprint for Financial Integration,” is a must-listen for anyone looking to optimize their project management strategies.

The Importance of Data Accuracy and Timeliness

Steven emphasizes the crucial role of accurate and timely data in project management. By providing operations teams with reliable data, companies can track project progress and identify potential issues before they escalate. This proactive approach ensures projects stay on track and within budget.

Integrating Finance with Operations

One of Steven’s key takeaways from his career is the importance of integrating finance with operations. He explains how financial and accounting teams should support operations by offering insights and data that help manage project costs and timelines. This collaboration leads to more informed decision-making and successful project outcomes.

Risk Mitigation and Cost Management

In today’s construction industry, margins are tight, and risks are high. Steven discusses various strategies for mitigating risks, such as maintaining a strong safety culture, leveraging insurance programs effectively, and ensuring financial controls are in place. These measures help protect companies from unforeseen expenses and maintain profitability.

The Impact of Politics on Construction

Steven also touches on how political factors can influence the construction industry. For instance, changes in tax abatements and infrastructure laws can significantly impact project planning and execution. Companies need to stay informed about these changes to adapt their strategies accordingly.

The Future of the Construction Industry

Looking ahead, Steven shares his insights on the future of the construction industry. He predicts that while 2024 may be challenging, the industry is poised for a rebound in 2025, driven by infrastructure investments and new opportunities in public works and commercial projects.


Steven Goldstein’s insights provide a comprehensive guide to integrating finance with operations in the construction industry. By focusing on data accuracy, risk management, and effective collaboration, companies can enhance their project management strategies and ensure long-term success. Don’t miss out on this valuable episode of Inside Insight – listen now to gain expert knowledge and actionable tips from one of the industry’s leading CFOs.


Key Quotes from Steven Goldstein

    • “Cash is king and revenue is queen, but in the cash space, I don’t care how big you are. Margins are so tight these days that even a small theft can significantly impact profitability.”
    • “The financial and accounting team needs to support the operations folks, but we need to give them data so they can understand how jobs are progressing and prevent them from going off the rails.”
    • “With the right data, we can identify a project that’s below 50% complete and correct issues in real-time, ensuring we don’t lose margin on the deal.”
    • “One of my biggest takeaways moving from public to private accounting is realizing the crucial role of integrating finance with operations for successful project outcomes.”
    • “A culture that promotes safety is vital to the success of any construction company. It’s not just about preventing accidents; it’s about ensuring financial stability.”
    • “In today’s tight market, insurance plays a huge part in determining whether projects show positive margins or put construction companies in the red.”