Navigating the Insurance Landscape from Tradition to Innovation with Matthew Leuverink at SML Capital Advisors

In episode 14 of the Inside Insight Podcast, hosts Trevor Casey and Beau Lunceford explore the evolving world of premium audits in the insurance industry with special guest, Matthew Leuverink from SML Capital Advisors. With a focus on how traditional methods are giving way to innovative approaches, this conversation is a treasure trove of insights for anyone interested in the complexities and transformations within insurance auditing.

The Shift to Virtual Audits

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for change, significantly impacting the approach to premium audits. We delve into how the industry pivoted from traditional, physical audits to virtual ones, enhancing efficiency and adapting to the new normal.

Understanding Premium Audits

At its core, a premium audit is designed to calculate the final premium at the end of a policy term. Our discussion breaks down this process, highlighting its importance in aligning policyholders’ premiums with actual exposures and changes in business operations.

The Impact of Technology

Technology has played a pivotal role in reshaping premium audits. We discuss the tools and platforms that have streamlined the audit process, making it more efficient and accessible for auditors and clients alike.

Career Opportunities in Auditing

The podcast also shines a light on the career opportunities within the premium auditing sector. From professional growth to learning about the industry, premium auditing presents a unique and rewarding career path.

“Premium Audits: Navigating the Insurance Landscape from Tradition to Innovation” offers a comprehensive look at the premium audit process, its evolution, and its impact on the insurance industry. Whether you’re a professional in the field or someone curious about the inner workings of insurance, this episode is an invaluable resource.

For a deeper understanding and more insights, listen to the full podcast episode. It’s a must-hear for anyone looking to stay abreast of changes and advancements in the insurance auditing world.