The wrap up needs to be wrapped up. This includes a final insurance carrier audit as well as a final review of the wrap up to sum up how the project performed.

To proceed with carrier audits, CR Solutions will provide the carrier with all payroll tracked throughout the project. Upon completion, the carrier’s audits will then be made available to CR Solutions for review.

A final Program Performance/Summary Meeting will be held with the program sponsor to review the overall performance of the project’s consolidated insurance program.

When the project is entirely Wrapped Up and all final audits have been reviewed CR Solutions will compile a report of all activity from the program’s inception including :

  • Estimated vs. actual payroll
  • Record of all claims incurred under the program
  • Estimated vs. actual insurance credits
  • Enrolled contract value
  • Change orders
  • Program costs including all premiums and fees

All documents related to your wrap up will be presented to you in a Program Summary Binder.