Enrollment Processing

Once notified of a new contractor, CR Solutions contacts each one individually to walk them through the enrollment process. The information gathering process includes :

  • Obtaining and then processing OCIP/CCIP Enrollment Forms
  • Collecting off-site Certificates of Insurance for the purpose of verifying non-wrap up coverages such as Auto Liability
  • Gathering each contractor’s individual Insurance Ratings Pages for the purpose of allowing CR Solutions to accurately calculate each individual contractor’s insurance credit.

Insurance Credit Calculations

Tracking the individual insurance calculations of a project is an integral part of the wrap up administration process. CR Solutions requests insurance credit calculations from each contractor, confirms their accuracy, negotiates with the individual contractor over final numbers when necessary, and confirms the credit with an endorsed calculation.

The calculation for this endorsed credit is stored in CR-Insight (our internally designed wrap up software) and later used to generate an actual earned insurance as the reported payroll numbers are tallied. Both the original “endorsed” credit and the actual “earned” credit can be viewed on live reports found at our client reporting website.

Enrollment/Coverage Notification

Once basic contractor and contract information is in the system, a WC Policy number is assigned and a Certificate of Insurance is generated. The certificate is then sent to the contractor along with a procedures manual. The manual will outline coverages and describe how the program, loss control services, claims management services, and information management services will be administered. You will also find directions on how to fill out and forward any documents that may be asked of you.

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