Information Management, Analysis and Reporting

Information on the performance of your wrap up is available at varying levels of detail depending upon your needs. At various stages of the Wrap Up, CR Solutions delivers :

  • Newsletters, these aesthetically pleasing reports do more than just look good. Sent monthly, these reports use easy to read charts and graphs to provide an update on all aspects of the wrap-up.
  • Compliance Reports paired with Deficiency Notices are generated on a regular basis to keep an eye on a variety of compliance issues most notably payroll submissions and offsite certificate fulfillment. Deficiency Notices are automatically generated and sent directly to the noncompliant subcontractor. The GC and/or owner are then notified of these noncompliant contractors via the compliance reports.
  • Status Reports provide a more detailed view of the program including values for individual contracts, payroll, and insurance credits supporting the numbers supplied in the Newsletter.
  • Executive Summaries provide a big picture view of the program’s financial performance. This report compares the total costs incurred by the sponsor in providing the wrap-up to the cost avoidance achieved by eliminating the subcontractors’ costs for this coverage.
  • In addition to regularly scheduled reports, CR Solutions provides Updates and Timely Communications to all appropriate parties including, but not limited to, updates on the status of new (sub) contractor enrollments, notification of (sub) contractor issues and correspondence, and response to requests.

Additionally, CR-Insight’s Client Reporting Website is available 24/7 to review the performance of the wrap up.

Meetings and Integrated Management

While reports are helpful, there is no substitute for being able to discuss your wrap up directly with the individuals administering it. Consequently, CRS schedules periodic meetings based on your project’s needs.

  • Site Visits, typically scheduled every 4-6 weeks, allow us the chance to get together with the project management team to review administrative procedures, discuss which subs have been enrolled and which trades are coming up for award, address delinquent subs and plan for closeouts.
  • Stewardship Meetings, ideally meeting quarterly in conjunction with the Claims Review, are conducted by the broker and carrier. The program sponsor is the primary audience for this meeting where the goal is to present the financial performance of the program to date.
  • Conference Calls & Web Conferencing are used to address any issues that may arise between site visits. Conference calls and/or web conferences can be set up at anytime by the project as necessary.

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