Wearable Essentials the Construction Industry Needs to Use Now

On a construction site, millions of dollars are invested in site conditions (netting, fall protection, cocoon systems, hole covers, etc) these are necessary and a must on all jobs, but little is being invested in the employees. The employees are the people who create and prevent the hazards and incidents on the job. The workforce needs more attention. Using technology, like wearables can help make job sites safer. The data collected from such devices can be used to improve conditions for future generations of construction workers.

HoloLens Construction Hard HatHoloLens (Microsoft) – This device allows users to overlay and review building plans in 3D. Project managers or supervisors will be able to see how the construction project will go before it even starts. Currently project managers use the HoloLens on the sidelines and it is considered protective eyewear. The HoloLens has special components such as multiple sensors and advanced optics. In addition, the HoloLens has its own application you can download onto your mobile device. To learn more you can visit: HoloLens (Microsoft)

Smart Helmet (DAQRI) – This specific construction helmet improves worker capabilities.  These helmets are able to display employee’s work instructions right in front of them. Also, these helmets allow the workers to visualize their tasks within the specific project they are working on. The helmets are able to make communication easier between workers by being able to record real time video. This product is still in development. Learn more, watch this video: Daqri Smart Helmet: Augmented Reality for the Workplace

Construction Bionic SuitBionic Exoskeleton Suits (Ekso Bionics) – The first ever exoskeleton suit created for the construction industry. The suit helps employees with heavy lifting and reduces muscle strains from injuries. The exoskeleton weighs about 16 pounds and it is very maneuverable. This is a great device to implement because lifting, carrying and lowering a material was the main cause of workplace accidents between 2010 and 2014, accounting for 32% of all accidents, according to new analysis of more than 1.5 million workers compensation claims released by Travelers Companies Inc. To learn more you can visit the website: Bionic Exoskeleton (Ekso Bionics)

Wearable Tech Construction BootsSmart Boots (SolePower) – The company SolePower has created boots that have a great deal of capability. These capabilities include GPS, motion sensors, lighting, and more. When it comes to efficiency, these boots can access information fast and can save time, as well as money. The boots also improve awareness regarding the situation, as well as visibility. In addition, the boots allow for easier communication and can track whether the user or users are fatigued. To learn more, visit: Smart Boots (SolePower)