Wearable Tech in the Construction Industry

Wearable tech like the Apple Watch presents many possibilities for improving communications and safety on construction sites. Today, sensors can even be found in boots and hard hats.

How to Use Sensors on Jobsites

  1. Wristbands. Sensors worn on the wrist help foremen monitor temperatures to avoid heat stroke.
  2. Hard Hats. Sensors worn on hard hats can alert foreman of impacts.
  3. Boots. Boot sensors can monitor how long workers have been on their feet and measure time between breaks.
  4. Harness sensors. Can monitor the number of workers on a structure and alert foreman if a sudden drop in height takes place.

Benefits of Big Data on a Construction Jobsite

Sharing collected data and making sense of it allows companies to better predict trends to avoid accidents. Additionally, the data collected from apps used on smart phones, tablets and wearable devices on-site offers transparency and accountability.

The real-time information can be used to report hazards before they become incidents. The purpose is to drive increased accountability to improve job site safe behavior. Real-time reporting provides access to job-site issues to management remotely so that they can provide direct feedback to drive improvements.

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