Amy Lamb’s “Why CRS?”

My journey at CR Solutions began by leasing an apartment. I spent almost 10 years in property management during my previous career, and I knew I was at the end of that chapter. Enter Michelle Kinsley, known then as Michelle Burt. She spoke so highly of her job that at the end of our tour I said, “If you all are ever hiring, please let me know. I would love to apply.” The rest, as they say, is history. All of Michelle’s words were true.

I had some struggles learning the numerous parts of the bi-line programs but always enjoyed reviewing the subcontractors’ off-site coverages. Jennifer Phillippi (JP) recognized that I had a knack for understanding insurance; so, she set me on a path where I could focus on only that: contracts and insurance review. Within 6 months I started on an account for one of our large GC clients. They needed help tracking subcontractors’ insurance for their traditional insurance projects not covered by the rolling CCIP programs. I was hooked.

I became fascinated with commercial insurance; how it works and analyzing coverages. One client became two, then three. I was given the freedom and confidence to communicate with clients and help them understand their goals of mitigating risk appropriately. Jennifer always encouraged me and supported any continuing education or materials that I requested. She was also great at empowering me by helping me be brave. Through her guidance, not only as my boss but as a mentor, I became comfortable when visiting clients or simply having teachable moments in our office. Josh Rogove played a role in helping me find my voice as well. Through his encouragement and feedback, I can now promote our services to some of the biggest construction power houses in the US. It is because of his marketing, experienAmy Lambce, and contacts that I am now a somewhat familiar name in the risk management world.

8 years later, after the opportunity became a reality, I have a team of 6 people and our accounts continue to grow. I proudly hold the office title “Resident Insurance Nerd.” If there is a question about a policy, I am your gal. If I don’t have the answer, I will find it. I also host monthly insurance stand-up meetings in our office which allow my coworkers to bring all their questions or curiosities about the construction insurance world. It has become one of my favorite parts of my career.

CR Solutions has given me the ability to discover my passion within this industry: compliant/appropriate insurance coverages. I often joke with JP that the only way CR Solutions will ever get rid of me is if they roll me out the front door, and I mean it. I have been approached multiple times by various headhunters across the industry and all their attempts have failed. CR Solutions and its employees have been loyal to me through many different life experiences. I could not have created a better environment to spend the rest of my professional career. It is by far one of the best life choices I ever made. I have loved every moment of the journey, the people, and the adventures. I can’t wait to see where the next 20 years takes us. #CRSforlife


About the Author:
Amy Lamb is an Account Executive at CR Solutions and is based out of company headquarters in Alpharetta, GA. Amy has been with CR Solutions since 2014! Follow Amy on Linkedin to stay up to date on recent insurance risk management articles and insights.

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