Recommended Risk Management Industry Conferences


IRMI stands for International Risk Management Institute, Inc. Founded in the late 70’s, IRMI provides insurance professionals important risks management and insurance information. Usually, during the 4th quarter of the year, IRMI puts together the IRMI Construction Risk Conference where contractors, project owners, and insurance professionals meet to discuss various topics in the industry such as wrap-ups to contractual risk transfer. IRMI also puts together an Energy Risk and Insurance Conference for those risk management professionals specializing in the oil and gas industry.


RIMS is also known as The Risk Management Society. With a membership of over 11,000 risk management professionals, RIMS provides networking and educational opportunities for its’ members. During the second quarter of the year, RIMS holds their annual national conference which hosts a variety of workshops from risk control to enterprise risk management.

These conferences are a great way of learning what is going on in the insurance industry with experts in a variety of fields hosting workshops and seminars. While IRMI tends to focus more on the construction side of insurance, RIMS focuses more on overall company risk management. Both of these conferences are excellent sources of knowledge and insight. We hope to see you at the next RIMS and IRMI conferences in 2014!

CRS at the RIMS Conference