A Wrap Up offers one standardized safety program for the project to which all parties adhere, rather than many individual versions per contractor. Loss Control Services are available under the OCIP/CCIP through various service providers including the owner, the contractor, the insurance carrier, the broker the program administrator, or through a third party vendor that specializes in providing loss control services for the construction industry. A single safety program must have a coordinating entity to monitor loss control vendors. Often, one or two safety individuals are dedicated to objectively oversee and coordinate the safety program for the project. This means having a system in place to continuously monitor project performance and take rapid steps to target and correct safety issues.

What does a site safety program typically entail?

  • Dedicated safety personnel visiting periodically from your loss control vendors – one from your broker and one from your insurance carrier
  • A full time site safety person provided by the general contractor who coordinates the entire safety program while monitoring the site and the loss control vendors
  • Your insurance carrier will set additional safety requirements beyond those required by OSHA (e.g. for every 50 people on the site, one employee is dedicated part time to site safety as part of their full time job description)
  • Incentives (like lunches and t-shirts) for accident free work zones motivate everyone on the project from the top down

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