If you’ve watched the news in the past few days, you’ve probably heard about the chaos that ensued in Atlanta after 2 inches of snow fell on Tuesday Januray 28th. In case you missed it, this news article and video should sum it up for you. And if you’re wondering why we can’t handle two inches of snow, this article should explain some of the history of our transportation system.…aka failures. Here at our Atlanta office, only 5 out of our 10 made it home. It was an adventure to say the least, but I am glad to report, we were all safe and warm Tuesday night.


Out of the 10 CRS employees who work in the Atlanta office, only 5 of them made it home Tuesday. Thankfully the others were warm and safe. What an adventure.


They quickly realized that the best idea was to stay put.


It went from bad to worse in the matter of an hour.


No slideshow is complete without a selfie. Here are 3 of the snowed in Wrap Up Experts.


Chair races? Work? Activities in this picture are debatable


No sign of improvement, time to settle in for the night.


Steven at a crossroads......to stay or go?


Needless to say, we were all a little caught off guard by the storm. This was taken during the journey to find dinner.


The finest gas station cuisine got them through the night.


Even though they had to huddle up next to space heaters because the building heat had been turned off, they really were among the lucky ones in Atlanta.


Accused of being a diva, Mercy was the lucky person who got to sleep on the sofa.


On a normal day, Leah's drive home is 20 minutes. After a 7 hour attempt to drive home, Leah turned around and took refuge at Michelle's place near the office.


Wednesday morning, this was the scene outside a friends neighborhood.


Thursday morning drive to work. Conditions were still treturous for some.


Count on Mercy to sass up any situation.