Contractor Online Payroll Entry Has Arrived

Wrap-Up Payroll Entry FormNow contractors can more efficiently enter monthly payroll and work hours directly online, saving time and resources.  Contractors will be asked to login and create a password.   Once online, they will be able to enter payroll and work hours.  Detailed instructions and tips will be provided throughout.  This new system is simple and quick.  Contractors will no longer have to print off forms, complete, scan, and return.  Monthly reports will be accurately and timely reported, improving work flow and contractor communication.  

“I found the new online payroll entry system to be quick and easy to use.  It is always nice to see a task streamlined to save time in today’s fast paced environment.” – Millie Dotson (Collier Electrical Service, Inc.)

“For once it was a pleasure using a new method of reporting payroll – it took less time and effort instead of more! Congratulations and thank you!” – Doris Bader Sekora (Artisan Tile and Marble Co. of NJ)