CR Solutions Launches New Procore Integration and Joins Procore App Marketplace

Access WrapSheet® by CR Solutions without ever leaving Procore

WrapSheet® by CR Solutions is now part of Procore’s embedded app experience. Clients can use the full version of WrapSheet® without leaving Procore, reducing the need to switch between programs, improving workflow and accuracy.

Procore Technologies, Inc., is the world’s most widely used construction management software. It helps firms increase project efficiency and accountability by streamlining and mobilizing project communication and documentation.

CR Solutions Joins Procore App Marketplace
WrapSheet® by CR Solutions on the Procore Marketplace allows clients to embed WrapSheet® into Procore’s user interface. For end-users who may be working across multiple systems to complete a job, Procore’s Embedded Experience makes life easier by placing all applications into a single view.

Real-Time with WrapSheet®

WrapSheet® provides real-time visibility into the progress of a wrap-up insurance program (OCIP/CCIP). Clients can review documents, reports, and wrap-up progress, with an at-a-glance visual of a project’s compliance status. Clients can view the project hierarchy, including easy-to-interpret “hard-hat” colors indicating each contractor’s compliance status. With WrapSheet® you can automate tasks, reduce risk, improve compliance, and secure your data. Add WrapSheet® by CR Solutions to your Procore dashboard today. Sign up to get started at

One-Click Install

Using a one-click install, current CR Solutions clients can now add WrapSheet® by CR Solutions to their Procore dashboard. With the WrapSheet® by CR Solutions embedded experience, clients can:

  • Generate real-time enrollment, payroll, insurance credit, and claims reports
  • View certificate library of wrap-up and off-site certificates available for each contract
  • Access document library of sponsor, wrap-up, and project level documents

Clunky software and lack of integration leads to mistakes. Within the next year, CR Solutions clients will be fully connected to Procore, allowing its clients to move information between their web apps automatically, helping to ease the burden of compliance tracking and associated payment holds. With full integration, CR Solutions clients will have the ability to link their Procore account and import projects.

If you are using another project management software and are interested in similar capabilities, reach out to CR Solutions to get an estimate to build a custom integration. Custom integrations allow your data to flow freely back and forth between the programs, eliminating data silos and double data entry while automating tasks for improved efficiency.

Improve your workflow, simplify application management, and customize your Procore experience by inserting WrapSheet® by CR Solutions directly into your Procore user interface. Get started at

Learn more about CR Solutions’ industry-leading wrap-up administration software CR-Insight® and schedule a demo by clicking here.