CR Solutions is all about perfecting our core competencies and delegating the rest. Internally and externally, we believe that delegation is a vital skill for success. We believe this so strongly that we are providing you with a resource our team has found helpful: The Shine Brighter Podcast, Episode 2: “Say ‘No’… But also ‘Yes!’: Delegating as a Do-er”.

Why do you hire the companies you do? Because they are the BEST at what they do!

Why do General Contractors hire the subcontractors they do? It’s NOT because of their fluency in the language of insurance or their knowledge about various coverages, but because of their trade expertise. Electricians, plumbers, and masons aren’t in the insurance business. These are skilled tradespeople that specialize in their niche field – they are simply the BEST at what they do. That’s why they are contracted to perform their trade work again and again!
However, each of these subcontractors still need insurance coverage, right? And any General Contractor or Controlled Insurance Program (CIP) Sponsor still needs to make sure each hired subcontractor has the required amount of coverage for the job, right? Many General Contractors and Owners still spin their wheels by saying “yes” to administering insurance requirements for their projects themselves when they SHOULD be saying “no” and focusing on their area of expertise!

So, why do we avoid delegating?

There are LOTS of reasons we might say “yes” when we should be saying “no” instead:

We say “yes” because we think we can do it best. 🏆

We say “yes” because we don’t want to let someone down. 😰

We say “yes” because no one else will. ☠️💀

These are common excuses we create for ourselves that keep us from delegating to others and allowing them to shine and succeed as well. These excuses also prevent you from doing the job that you have been hired to do! No matter what your role is in your organization, there is most likely some aspect of your job that SHOULD be delegated to another person or service provider so that you can do “what only YOU can do”.

In this podcast episode, host, Beau Lunceford, looks at these 3 common reasons for avoiding delegation. The Shine Brighter Podcast is meant for anyone who may be at risk of burning out – and in the climate of today’s work force, the risk of burning out is greater than ever. Lunceford believes that burnout happens when two things are present: passion and commitment. Whether you’re in the construction industry, insurance industry, or ANY industry really, we believe that you can learn something new about preventing burnout and the power of delegation. Listen for yourself and see that there’s something in this episode for everyone, regardless of the stage of burnout, to change one’s perception of delegation from being a chore into being a joy!

Do only what YOU can do – let CRS take care of the rest

Does insurance administration work bring you joy? More than likely, your business does NOT specialize in wrap-up administration or insurance coverage verification. So, why hold on to the responsibilities that come with a CIP or reviewing subcontractor provided insurance? Or worse, delegate it out to someone who doesn’t specialize in these tasks? Delegate the administration of your Wrap-Up program or the tracking of your subcontractor insurance to CR Solutions so that YOU can do “what ONLY you can do”. By combining customer care and technological innovation, CR Solutions is here to take complete care of your insurance admin work, allowing YOU to focus on the work that you have been specifically hired to do.

Find out more about how CR Solutions can work with you to manage your insurance administration needs.


The Shine Brighter Podcast is a tool to promote growth in a world where burnout is all too common. You can stream more episodes of the Shine Brighter Podcast wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts- Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Spotify, and many others!

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