Employee Spotlight, Account Manager Lindsay Ferg

Employee Spotlight Lindsay FergHere at CR Solutions we recently received a very kind voicemail from a subcontractor, Donna Marie of Spray Foam Insulation NYC.

She wanted to give special recognition to our Account Manager Lindsay Ferg,

“I am calling from Spray Foam Insulation NYC. The reason for my call is that I have been working with Lindsay Ferg and I actually received her phone number from you. She had spent an awful lot of time on Friday, as well as Saturday, the day before Easter, walking myself and helping my boss to process the CCIP information for a project that we will be working on. And I told her that I had never experienced such amazing service and kindness. I asked her if there was someone that I could call. I felt compelled to say something on her behalf. I just really wanted to say that Lindsay Ferg is an amazing person and what she does to help others in this line of work is beyond exceptional. I’m sure you heard this before. At least I’m assuming so, based on the experience that I’ve had with her thus far. I just really had to call and I needed to say that in a time where people are always going out of their way to file complaints. I felt that she really needs to be recognized for her work and service. I think she’s calling me now. Thank you so much. Bye-bye.”

Listen to the voicemail here. 

Way to go Lindsay, we are all very fortunate to have you on our team – and so are our clients!