Exclusions and Labor Law in Insurance Defense

In the this episode of the Inside Insight podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with Joshua L. Epstein, a partner at Morgan, Akins & Jackson. This episode is a treasure trove of insights into the world of insurance defense and labor law, offering practical advice for contractors, general contractors, and insurance carriers.

Understanding Insurance Exclusions

Joshua Epstein delves into the common pitfalls of insurance policies, particularly the exclusions that can leave businesses vulnerable. He emphasizes the importance of contractors thoroughly reviewing their policies to ensure they are adequately covered. One key takeaway is the need for clear communication between insured parties and their brokers to avoid misunderstandings that could lead to costly denials of coverage.

The Impact of New York Labor Law

New York labor law is a significant topic of discussion in this episode. Joshua explains the burden these laws place on landowners and general contractors, highlighting sections 240 and 241, which impose strict liability on these parties in the event of worker injuries. This segment is particularly valuable for businesses operating in New York, providing a clear understanding of their legal obligations and potential liabilities.

The Importance of Proper Coverage

A recurring theme in the conversation is the critical role of proper insurance coverage. Joshua shares real-life case studies that illustrate the devastating financial losses businesses can suffer when their insurance policies fall short. He advises companies to invest in comprehensive coverage, even if it means higher premiums, to protect against significant claims and litigation costs.

Fraud Prevention in Construction

The episode also touches on the issue of fraud within the construction industry. Joshua discusses the prevalence of fraudulent claims and the steps businesses can take to prevent them. He advocates for vigilant oversight, proper documentation, and the use of security measures such as cameras to protect against false claims.


This episode of Inside Insight with Joshua Epstein is a must-listen for anyone involved in the insurance or construction industries. It offers actionable advice on navigating complex insurance policies, understanding labor law liabilities, and implementing fraud prevention strategies. By investing in the right coverage and staying informed about legal requirements, businesses can safeguard their operations and financial stability.

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