Automobile Liability Setup: Avoid a Requirements Setup Error

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Warning: There is an opportunity for you to set this up erroneously and cause problems tracking this at the contract level.

Notice that the ACORD 25 (2016/03) certificate has an Any Auto selection along with an assortment of more specific check boxes. Logically, it would be inaccurate to have Non-Owned Autos ONLY and ANY auto, however the system will not prevent users from making this mistake.

Certify® Automobile Liability

The system allows users to setup Auto requirements in this way, but it is also the case that it is  impossible to require both Any Auto and Hired Autos Only in reality. If it is set it up poorly, CR-Insight® will track it poorly.

Errors Resulting from Erroneous Requirements Setup

  1. Contract Compliance Report Working Correctly
  2. Icon is inconsistently inaccurate Known Issue Caused by Erroneous Setup
  3. Deficiency Emails:
    • Manual Deficiency Notice does not send. Known Issue Caused by Erroneous Setup
    • Automated sends but there are the below issues.
      • Body of email is incomplete. It should list the specific requirements which are outstanding in bulleted format. Known Issue Caused by Erroneous Setup
      • The attachment is not appropriately highlighted. Known Issue Caused by Erroneous Setup

Certify® Automobile Liability 2

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