Rejected Contracts: Why? When? How does it work?

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Original Usage?
This function was designed to delete a contract without having to delete all the contract’s lingering information/data. The delete button is inactive if lingering data exists on the contract, but if you switch the status to rejected, the deleted button activates regardless if data lingers. Delete will remove all associated data with the deleting contract.

When can you keep a rejected contract?
Only keep a rejected contract if we did something with them. For example, they filled out enrollment forms, enrolled them and cancelled them flat. Then it would be appropriate to keep the contract so we can have a record of it all.

Step 1: Update contract status to Rejected

Step 2: Zero out values in both the estimated calculator and contract scope home page

Step 3: Close Out

CR-Insight® Rejected Contracts


CR-Insight® Rejected Contracts 2


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