What does changing the Development Status from Open to Closed do?

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Changing this selection turns the development icon to grey and sorts the development to the bottom of listed development.  Furthermore, it turns off the automated correspondence and contractor payroll entries.  This includes:

  1. Certificate Deficiency Emails: Contractor notices and Account Associate weekly updates are not sent
  2. Each Report Messenger entry switches from active to inactive, therefore, Report Messenger Emails stop sending.
  • Payroll Tracking:
    • The auto payroll tracking selection switches from on to off, therefore payroll request emails are not sent to contractors

CR-Insight® Auto Payroll Tracking

  • Payroll Outstanding lists are not emailed to the Account Associate
  • Payroll Attention Required lists are not emailed to the Account Associate.
  • The automated missing documents question switches from yes to no, therefore Automated Missing Documents Emails stop sending.

Please note: Each of these automated emails can be turned off individually on a per project basis.

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