Mega Mailbag

If we use a contractor that is delivering products on site for a short duration and that has not been enrolled into the CCIP, what happens when they cause damage? Would they be covered?

Jayson,  New York, NY

Typically, any contractor that is a material dealer or vendor that delivers products on site is excluded from enrollment on wrap-ups. This is because this contractor will be on site for a short time and is not performing any actual labor on the construction site.   Any damage that is incurred will not be covered by the wrap- up; it is very important to keep track of this contractor’s certificate of insurance and make sure all certificate requirements are met as their own insurance will be primary when an accident occurs.


If my employee gets injured on an OCIP project, will it be recorded against my company, or does it go against the OCIP?

 Paul,  Houston, Texas

If this OCIP has work comp coverage, the claim will be recorded under the OCIP, and the OCIP will respond to that claim. However, that claim will also be reported to the appropriate state filling board, and that claim will count against your EMR.