I see that you offer online enrollment for contractor insurance programs. What happens when small contractors do not have access to the internet?  Does this impede the enrollment process?  Ryan, Fairfax, VA

Ryan, From time to time, we do encounter contractors with a lack of internet access prohibiting them from performing the enrollment online.  When this happens, we provide these contractors with a hard copy of the enrollment forms which they can fax or email back to us.  We have found from comments and feedback that contractors’ prefer the online enrollment process due to the ease and time saved in comparison to the hard copy process.  With this feedback, we are constantly improving our software to have the best online enrollment in the wrap-up business.

I am working on a project covered by an OCIP. I enrolled into the program about a year ago and finalized my insurance credit based on my insurance rates at the time. However, my rates have changed since then. Will my insurance credit calculation be adjusted based on my new insurance rates?  Molly, Redwood City, CA

Molly, Let’s look at it this way; what happens under the traditional approach of providing insurance when the contractor’s rates change?  Are they able to go back and revise their bid or renegotiate their price?  Usually not; it works the same way when a wrap-up is in place.  Since price and/or labor rates are usually agreed upon before entering into a contract or purchase order they are not typically adjustable during the project term; regardless of whether or not a wrap-up is being utilized.