When Do I Enroll Contractors in the Wrap-Up?

If I have some contractors starting work a year from now, should I enroll them now or wait till they begin work on site? Benjamin, Washington, DC

Benjamin, if you have great control and oversight of the project site by knowing which contractors are entering the jobsite each day, I would recommend waiting to enroll closer to their estimated start date as the contractor could go out of business or their contract could be removed.  Also, certain insurance carriers have time frame restrictions where you can not enroll a company until they are 60 to 90 days prior to their estimated start date.  Assuming that you are the GC/CM on this project, you should be receiving enrollment list updates on a regular basis from the wrap-up administrator.  Ideally, someone from your team will be comparing this list to the most recent construction schedule and updating the administrator on projected start dates thus helping to alleviate concern about any oversights.

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