Why Are Engineers and Consultants Typically Not Covered by Wrap-Ups?

Why are engineers and consultants typically not covered by wrap-ups even though they are on the job site? – Terry from Savannah, GA

Terry, the primary exposure for engineers and consultants is professional E&O, which is not a primary coverage when speaking of typical wrap-up coverage. When we speak of inclusion or exclusion into the wrap-up, we are really referring to WC and GL coverage. So, in terms of WC and GL coverage, architects and engineers have very little exposure. The cost/reward typically would not be there. In addition, if the professionals spend time at the project site, it is normally not full-time. Engineers and consultants are generally not enrolled into a wrap-up because they are not performing work on the jobsite on a consistent basis.  Since it would be difficult to track when they are working onsite, it is usually best not to enroll them into the wrap-up.


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