My name is Leah Stewart, and I celebrated my 10th anniversary at CR Solutions in January of 2023. In the fall of 2012, I was a soon-to-be graduate of the University of Georgia with a degree in Cognitive Science.

Leah Stewart, 2012

Leah Stewart, then Storey, at her graduation from the University of Georgia.

At that time, I was managing a restaurant where I had worked since my senior year of high school. With my customer service background and a degree in a psychology-like field, my job search was very broad. Although I had done research on CRS and “wrap-ups”, I had NO CLUE what I was getting myself into as I sat in my interview. However, with the laughter and warmth I felt with the interview panel, along with the potential to connect with customers and gain knowledge in an interesting and ever-evolving industry, I knew that I would be lucky to call this place home. Ten years later, I am thankful every day for the opportunity to have joined the CRS team.

The early days of my career involved soaking up all the knowledge I could of the insurance industry, the concept of wrap-ups, and the “CRS way” of administering them. Up until 2014-2015, CRS’ primary focus was working with Bi-Line (Worker’s Compensation/General Liability) Wrap-Ups. As we began to see an increase in GL Only Wrap-Ups, we did not have a team dedicated to this subset of accounts. The procedures and carrier requirements were not as in-depth and the project team and subcontractor base were often less sophisticated in terms of insurance. Expanding into this space presented a unique opportunity for both CRS and myself. So, I jumped at the challenge to step into a new team lead role and the GL Only Department was created! Over the past 8 years, CRS has given me the opportunity and freedom to own and perfect this process, which has led to impactful business growth.

Leah pictured with her husband, Drew, and their son in 2022.

Working through college was more of a necessity than a choice, but it allowed me to gain customer service and people management skills that have been critical to my success at CR Solutions. Having the opportunity to create and grow a department is one of the highlights of my career, but forming and fostering relationships with people (both internally and externally) is what fills my cup daily. CRS has a culture that encourages hard work and dedication, as well as respect, fun, and fulfillment. This was true when I joined this company a decade ago and those values have only grown over time. Through the highs and the lows, I know that CRS will always put people first. That warm and fuzzy feeling is not only what brought me in 10 years ago but what keeps me here.

Leah Stewart


About the Author:
Leah Stewart, CRIS is an AVP and Account Executive and at CR Solutions and is based out of company headquarters in Alpharetta, GA. Leah has been with CR Solutions since Follow Leah on Linkedin and stay up to date on her recent insurance risk management articles and insights.

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