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Since 2002, we’ve developed custom wrap-up software to simplify the wrap-up process. Our top-tier, proprietary technology boosts efficiency and contains costs. Interested in our software? Click here to take a demo. 

We offer these industry-leading resources to administrators, brokers, wrap-up clients, carriers, and contractors: CR-Insight®, Contractor Toolbox®, Carrier-Insight®, GateKeeper® App and WrapSheet®.

CR-Insight® Core Technology
At the core of our technology is CR-Insight®, a wrap-up management software that provides controlled insurance program administrators a flexible, comprehensive tool to manage their projects – at any level of detail.

Contractor Toolbox® Payroll
The Contractor Toolbox lets contractors enroll and report payroll online, view historical payroll entries, and view and download previously issued certificates of insurance. They can also send notice that their work on site is complete.

Wrap-Up Software CR SolutionsCarrier-Insight® Wrap-Up View
The first-of-its-kind Carrier-Insight offers a wrap-up view for carriers managing the master versus individual policy relationship. For CRS managed wrap-ups, carriers can view the data without requiring data entry – and be connected to the carrier system. For other wraps, a hierarchal view of the wrap-up is offered, and a simple one-page entry for enrollment can be connected to the carrier system.

WrapSheet® Wrap-Up Progress
WrapSheet is a client tool providing real-time visibility into the progress of a wrap-up. At-a-glance visual of a project’s compliance status: Clients can view the project hierarchy including easy-to-interpret hardhat colors indicating each contractor’s compliance status.

GateKeeper® App Real-Time Reference
The GateKeeper App is an easy real-time reference for who is allowed on site. Easy triggers are available to connect contractors with the admin team if they are not allowed on site.

Interested in our software? Click here to take a demo.  

To learn all about the available wrap-up administration software options available, watch the following video or download our PDF guide, CR Solutions Client Software Overview.




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