Wrap-Ups in Space: The Construction Industry’s New Frontier

CR Solutions Wins NASA Approval as Official Wrap-Up Insurance Administrator for World’s First ‘Space Hotel’

Yesterday, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) selected CR Solutions as the official wrap-up insurance administrator for the world’s first space hotel in low Earth orbit, “breaking ground” in 2025. CR Solutions’ participation on the project was featured on yesterday’s newscast on Atlanta’s TBS station 28.

The multi-trillion-dollar project will be CRS’ largest to date and will come equipped with restaurants, a cinema, spa, and rooms for 400 people.

“We appreciate the decision on the part of NASA to open up a commercial future in low Earth orbit, and to award the wrap-up administration to CR Solutions,” said Joshua Rogove, CR Solutions president.

“This selection is a recognition of the uniquely qualified nature of the CR Solutions team as the universe’s leader in wrap-up administration,” he noted. “That’s one small step for CR Solutions, and one giant leap for wrap-ups.”

Central to the selection was our leadership team’s extensive high-level expertise in wrap-up technologies, space finance, marketing, and law.

Company COO Jennifer Phillippi spent time at NASA headquarters, in Washington, D.C, preparing for the project’s kick-off meeting and rocket launch.

“Construction in space is very different from Earth,” Phillippi said. “You need special materials and tools – and no fear of heights, to be sure.”

According to Phillippi, “Humans have been in space since 1957, but its potential is really just being explored.”

And as CR Solutions staffer explained, “when we say wrap-up, we reallllllllllly mean up. Above. In Space.”

We are passionate about wrap-ups and also try to make our community laugh. We hope we gave you an April Fool’s chuckle.

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