2013 Company Review, 2014 Goals

Having ended 2012 on a high note, CRS entered 2013 with optimism, enthusiasm and excitement; optimism due to the continued expansion of the construction industry, enthusiasm for the continued superior quality of our work, and excitement about the innovative ideas that we had for the future.

Beginning the year with two new employees was a great way to start and we couldn’t have found a better fit for our company and our culture than Leah Storey and Brian Wilson. They continue to make us better every day.

Making some upgrades to our home away from home by adding a lounge area complete with a Wii has provided us with a great place for a short break when the stresses of wrap-up administration start to infringe upon our usual bubbly outlook.

In 2013 we rolled out new technologies such as The Carrier Solution and www.Wrap-App.com. We observed how changes in the way wrap-ups were bought and sold caused client service requirements to change and thus developed a tiered pricing structure to better meet their needs. We optimized some of our procedures to better service the GL Only market.

CRS wasn’t the only thing growing in 2013, private sector work was on the rise as well; a big change from the large amount of “eds, meds and feds” project we saw over the years prior.

Also in 2013, we launched our first music video. In case you still haven’t seen it (or just want to see it again), here is the link.

If you think the recap of 2013 sounds awesome just wait until you hear what we have in store for 2014. We are in the process of developing new client deliverables; not only revamping the way many of our reports look but also the way in which they are delivered. The creation of our first mobile app has begun and is scheduled to be released in late spring. For the first time you can find us at RIMS, come visit our booth, enjoy a natural O2 high and get a glimpse of all the things that we are up to.

We look forward to another fabulous year with you. Happy 2014! #WrapItUp