CRS in the Community – Field Day


CRS Teamwork


On the Move


Team CRS


Trouble with the Tubes


Relay Race


Cheese Cake




Michelle Egg Toss


Egg Toss


Hula Hooping


Jennifer and Michelle


Yoshi and Steven


Toss that Steven


Ben's Paper Air Plane


The Ref


Ben Getting Married


Michelle Hula Hoop


Jennifer and Michelle






On October 1st, CR Solutions participated in Atlanta Field Day; a day of competitive fun between teams who raised money for CHRIS Kids.  Altogether the teams were able to raise over $70,000 for a great cause.  Founded in Georgia in 1981, CHRIS Kids is a non-profit organization with a mission to build community, support and strengthen families, and heal children.  The field day was a way to reward the teams who raised the money with a day of fun involving events such as egg toss, potato sack race, sponge relay, and an obstacle course.  CRS took home 3rd place ribbons in two events.