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On April 16, 2011,  CRS Employees split up to participate in two different volunteer activities. The first group went to the Roswell Recycling Center to help organize recyclables. The other group went back to North Fulton Community Charites to help make and distribute Easter baskets to kids in need. Check out the photos!

We asked Account Associate Michelle Burt about her experience at the Roswell Recycling Center.

What activities did you do? We greeted people and took their recyclables as they drove around to drop them off. Our goals were to get people in and out as quickly as possible. They sometimes mistakenly placed things in the wrong bin, so we would follow up and sort through it. The lesser percentage of contaminants the cheaper it is for them to process it.

How many volunteers were there? We had four people from CRS.  There were two other people who were volunteering, and then 3 people who worked there.

“I learned a lot about recycling that I did not know before.  Now that I see how simple it is, I recycle at home.”