Do wrap-ups usually cover demolition or remediation work?

My company is performing a renovation project to a building that will initially contain some demolition and environmental remediation work.  Do wrap-ups usually cover demolition/environmental remediation work?

– Danny, Houston, TX

Normally, wrap-ups will have exclusions for demolition and environmental remediation work due to the nature of the work and the potential environment risks to the surrounding area from those specific operations. Your project can still be included in a wrap-up especially if you can separate the demo/remediation work from the remaining renovation work which can be easily included.  It is important for any contractor that is performing environmental remediation work that they have their own pollution coverage in place before the start of work.

If a subcontractor has two contracts on a project under two different contractors, do they need to be enrolled twice into the OCIP and report payroll separately?

– Gloria, Denver, CO

Once the subcontractor is enrolled into a wrap-up under a specific location, they do not need to be enrolled again under the OCIP, however, they still must provide their contract value, payroll estimates, estimated insurance cost, and other items to process the additional contract as the company will be required to report payroll separately for that contract.  Now, if the company receives two contracts from the same company, they may be able to combine their totals together and report their payroll as one under the program.  It is important to let your administrator know of any additional contracts as they can let you know how to report properly.

If I am enrolled into a wrap-up, will I be provided my own policy just as I am provided policies from my own insurance?  How long does it take to receive them?

– Ed, St. Louis, MO

When your company is enrolled into a wrap-up that includes workers’ compensation coverage, you will normally be provided your own individual workers’ compensation policy for your work at the job site.  The time frame to receive the policy generally takes 1 to 2 months after enrollment or policy renewal. Since the carriers are now providing the policies electronically, we can easily email contractors their policy in a timely manner. The insurance carriers normally do not provide individual general liability policies for contractors.  If you need to have a copy or review any master policies, you should contact the administrator or broker for the wrap-up.