Just down the road from our Atlanta area office, after extensive negotiations over land and funding, the Atlanta Falcons are finally readying themselves to begin construction of their new football stadium.  The stadium, that will be located in downtown Atlanta at the site of the existing Georgia Dome, is currently estimated to cost $1Bil to build.  If all goes well, the Falcons hope to open and play in the stadium for the 2017-2018 NFL Season.

One of the interesting aspects of the project is the innovative design of the stadium’s roof. The stadium’s favored plan (“favored” because an official/final plan has not yet been determined) currently includes a geometric retractable roof which will be the first of its’ kind in stadium building. The roof will contain eight different parts.  These parts would be smaller and have a lighter weight than other typical retractable roof pieces.  These pieces would  be connected together in such a way as to give the roof a unique look, as well as causing the pieces to have a smaller distance to open and close; think of the standard camera lens opening. Additionally, the building would be 11-sided with transparent panels that would allow fans to view the downtown Atlanta skyline from inside the stadium.  And it’s not just the roof that is causing hype; the facility is also planning to include a 360° scoreboard.  The scoreboard would be located near the roof and would allow fans at all seats to have the ability to view replays and stats of the game. For more information, visit http://newstadium.atlantafalcons.com/