GL-Only Wrap-Ups Made Simple [Webinar Recording]

It’s easier to succeed with a GL-Only wrap-up than you might think. View the recording of our recent webinar, GL-Only Wrap-Up Insurance Made Simple on the CR Solutions YouTube page here. Watch as our expert panel discusses the ease and affordability of using GL-Only wrap-up programs.

Learn why we love GL-Only wrap-ups (and you should, too!)

Below you’ll find a link to the webinar slides as well as a list of supporting resources.

Joshua M. Rogove, President (Principal) at CR Solutions

Leah Stewart, Account Executive at CR Solutions
Nicholas H. Kot, Account Executive, Project Risk at Parker, Smith & Feek
Tanya Santry, Director of Construction Risk Management at Fisher Harris Shapiro, Inc.

We’ve helped numerous GCs and owners modernize their wrap-ups, resulting in dedicated project coverage with adequate limits, more control, no cross litigation, and decreased markups. And—best of all—cost savings for better coverage with no gaps. Get a proposal here.