Interview with Wrap-Up Administration Software Expert Rebecca Osborne

Rebecca Osborne is our Chief Information Officer and is a premier expert on wrap-up administration software and automation. She discusses our wrap-up administration software, CR Insight and how it supports us in being the best wrap-up administrator in the world.

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What makes an information database system an essential component of the administration of a wrap-up program?

Advancements in technology have increasingly transformed the corporate experience. Whereas before individuals relied on physical files to collect and sort data, the digital transformation has created a necessity for sophisticated software capable of organizing and collecting information in a more efficient, cost-friendly, and reliable form.  At CR Solutions, our Risk Management Information System (RMIS), CR-Insight, allows us to successfully handle the day-to-day operations of our clients while providing the most up-to-date reporting and guided analysis of your wrap-up program.  This gives our clients the capability of monitoring the progress of their own data as we continuously update it to include the most recent information.

How can clients access their information to track the progress of their projects?

CR Insight is a web-based system which enables clients to gain access to their data around the clock, 365 days a year. Wrap-up sponsors have the option of running customized reports on the status of their projects where they can calculate ratios, such as payroll to construction value, verify insurance costs, and identify deficient contractors to ensure that all discrepancies can be addressed promptly.

Perhaps more importantly, we realize that our clients don’t have time to look for information.  To relieve them of this task, our account managers send the wrap-up sponsors an informative newsletter that provides a snapshot of their wrap-up program on a monthly basis.  In this newsletter, there are details about the payroll percentages, summary of losses by claim type and injury type, new enrollments and close outs, and other unique information specific to their project.

How often do you update CR-Insight?

We are continuously updating CR Insight so that it stays user-friendly and includes all the functions which make it easy to use and comprehensive to what our clients need. In doing so, it is our primary goal to make as many enhancements to CR Insight as needed to achieve this.  First and foremost, we listen to our users and use their comments to brainstorm ways to improve our communication practices.  The internal processes we have in place reflect our value to high quality customer care service.

What do you focus on when you make changes to the software?

We have three major goals when it comes to software development: to provide useful information for our clients, to increase efficiency of our own internal and external processes, and to increase the accuracy of the data being updated on a daily basis.  All new features and modifications to the software must meet our criteria for excellence in wrap-up administration.

In conclusion

The integration of our data helps us to serve our clients better. We are able to form long lasting business relationships because people trust us to maintain accurate records of the data that is being tracked for their project.  By working together with our clients, we ensure that every wrap-up program, no matter how small, is given the same attention. It is our commitment to excellence which makes us stand out in front of our competitors.